A platform that allows smartphones to fly

And not just smartphones. Flone is a platform for the empowerment of air space.

An open source drone to conquer the airspace

We have used flone for:

Free Libre Open Source

We have the social mission to build a free and independent airspace. Free software is essential to guarantee its neutrality, just as it happens on the Internet, airspace should not depend on the domain of any corporation or proprietary technology.

Digital Fabrication

We use laser cutting because it opens up creative possibilities and opportunities for local development and global distribution. It allows a quick and economic access to production tools, affecting the processes of social development promoting new forms of property, industrial flexibility and cooperation.


We seek to create a tool that is educational and revolutionary, that can be used professionally around the world.


Like all other consumer goods, drones have an impact on the garbage we produce. We use wood, a biodegradable material that can be repaired or disposed of in the event of an accident without generating waste and the electrical skeleton can be easily reused. It is designed with the minimum necessary elements to fly, looking for the reuse of components, such as smartphones.

Airspace is public space,

we have the right to fly.

Fly App

Designed to make your imagination fly

Flone Remote

Intuitive: fly with the movement of your hand. Use only one finger to maintain the height and tilt of the phone to move to flone.
Connection via Bluetooth. Wifi coming soon.

Telemetry in real time.

Artificial horizon.

Low battery  alarm.

Notice of latency of the smartphone.

Compatible with Multiwii and Naze32 boards. (Cleanflight or Betaflight)

Free Software: GPL License.

In the News

Our History

The Network

Lot Amorós

Lot Amorós


I conceived flone in 2012, seeking to gather everything I looked for from the drones of my previous experience, small, simple, easy to manufacture and with a natural control.

Natxo Varona

Natxo Varona


I’m an innovator from Barcelona, in love with drones. Flone is one of the most beautiful and enrequizidores hardware and open source projects in the world.

Roc Boronat

Roc Boronat

Desarrollador Android

I am an Android developer based in Barcelona. I love Flone because it brings together several hardware and open source projects. This is a great motivation to contribute to free software!

Chirag Rangholia

Chirag Rangholia

Flone, a popular open-source drone developed in Spain makes all the conversion with drones quiet accessible and actionable. Flone is a co-operative project, which explores and envisions several applications that translate a basic drone into a multidisciplinary tool.

We work together to make a more accessible air space.

We develop projects with flone around the world, making the airspace accessible. You can ask us for a workshop, a conference, or propose new challenges, challenges or adventures.

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